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From the history of Harihararaya to that of Ramadeva-
raya; Vira-Bhoja is said  to reign afterwards.   So, there  are
twelve rayapatnas   (reigns) for this.    Harihararaya ruled  at
Anegondi for seven years from the Vaisakha su 2 of the year
Dhatu  corresponding  to  the  £aka  year  1258; and having
built (the city of) Vijayanagara in the Vaisakha of the year
SvabhSnu, he reigned there for 7 years, in all 14 years.   His
younger brother Bukka ascended  the throne and ruled for
29 years and 8 months.    The rule of Harihara n who came to
the throne afterwards lasted for 22 years.    Vijaya Bukkaraya
ruled for 18 years.   Then ruled Palle Buttaraya for 21 years;
Rajasekhara ruled   for   C months;   Vijaya   ruled   next   for
10 months.   Praudadevaraya ruled afterwards for 21 years.
Then   ruled   Viraraya for 4 years.    Mallikarjuna ruled next
for 6 years.   Ramacandraraya   ruled   for    1    year.    Viru-
paksaraya   ruled   for   2 years.    The   thirteen  reigns   lasted
for 155 years.
Then (came) the   reigns of the   Ksatriyas   who  ruled
independently.   The years of i§aluva Narasingaraya's reign
are 5.   The years for which Narasa Nayaka ruled in the name
of the son of ISfarasimharaya are 13. Vlra-Narasimliaraya, son
of Narasa isayaka, having put Tammaraya to death, ruled for
5 years beginning with (the year) Raktaksi.   The years of the
rule of Krsnaraya, the second son of Narasaraya, beginning
with the month of Vaisakha of the year Sukla, will be 21. The
years  for   which   Aeyutaraya   ruled,   beginning   with   the
year Vikrti, were 12.   From the month of Asvija of the year
Snbhakrt, SalakarSju Timmaraju,   having caused the death
of Acyutaraya's   son, ruled for   eight months.   From   the
month of Jyesthaofthe year Subhakrt,  the years for which
BSmarija ruled in the name of Sadasivaraya were 22. With
Rlmarija (the city of) Vijayanagara came to an end.   There-
fore the years of confusion (that followed) were 6.
After this, the period of rule of Tirumalaraya, who was
crowned at Penugo^a, was 11 mouths.   Then the years for